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We have created an investment and commercialization Network with some of the world’s most prominent energy companies.

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Andrew Shapiro  moderated a panel on energy and infrastructure at Nexus: Israel in New York

Catherine Wood, CEO of ARK Investment Management, and Jacob Worenklein, CEO of US Grid Co were also on the panel to discuss the challenges facing a rising population, a scarcity of resources, and how new investment opportunities can sustain a crowded planet. 




February 2017 News & Insights

Broadscale's winter 2017 newsletter discusses Statoil joining the Network, our investment in AuDigent, and other news. 

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Tom Friedman, NY Times columnist and author, speaks at Broadscale Kickoff

Our Network convened to discuss the changing policy landscape and what it will mean for the future of energy. David Crane, Richard Kauffman, Alex Laskey, Jim Rogers, and Heather Zichal also joined us in our dialogues. 

Innovation to Impact


Innovative companies are critical to the shift toward a more sustainable energy system.


To reach maximum impact, they need not just capital but partnerships with incumbents and strategic guidance from advisors who are experienced in scaling up companies.

We have worked with some of the energy industry’s most promising growth companies, providing assistance with capital strategy, strategic partnerships, and business development.


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